Specialized training software for the consulting firm.

Specialized training software for the consulting firm.

Develop an effective training strategy. By managing the training catalogue, employee requests and tracking their training credits, you will be able to efficiently develop your resources towards key competencies.

Create the training you want by entering all the necessary information such as the duration of the training, the range of participants, the target occupations and the targeted skills. You will also be able to access a waiting list of people who want to register for the training. You can create training sessions with the corresponding dates, the standard cost of the training and the necessary documents if required. You can download the attendance sheet in PDF. The application is so complete that you will be able to interact with employees using buttons such as the resend button which will send a reminder email via Outlook to the person concerned.

The created training will be added to the training catalogue where you can access all available training courses. Thanks to the schedule, you will be able to find all the training courses scheduled to take place, which have already taken place during the year and in previous years. In the training budget category, you will find the training course(s) entered, the cost of the training and you can enter the number of courses per month to obtain a total budget.

The Training Dashboard gives you access to the training budget with a view of the year, the number of training days over the last year and since the beginning of the year by profession, the number of sessions organised and the various rates such as the fill rate. You will also be able to access the budget allocation section. The Dashboard can be viewed globally, by country, by office or by year.

In the settings of this module, you can enter external trainers, tags, training locations, training evaluations as well as the different types of training categories and funding.