Specialized staffing software for consulting firms.

Specialized staffing software for consulting firms.

Build teams that are best suited to your clients' needs. This module allows you to answer the following questions: Do we have the skills required by the client? Are they available? How can we best allocate them?

In this module, you will find the list of projects which allows you to access the project file where you will find all the information on this project, the list of actions, the documents, the status of the project (possibility of archiving or locking), the modifications made by which user and finally you can add notes. You can create the budget for this project (cost adjustment possible) and invoice it through the BestConsultant software itself.

In the Staffing section, you will find all the people staffed and to be staffed on the project with their position. You will be able to manually enter the working days and thanks to the included tools, you have a day calculator allowing you to fill in the working days more quickly by automatically avoiding taken holidays or double-booking if you wish. The Gantt view is easy to use. You will have access to the data from the Timesheet module (the actual working days entered by the consultants).

You can download the document of the list of people staffed on the project in Excel format for any further analysis.

All the data is gathered in the project management: cumulative data, forecast data, TimeSheet details and cost details to give top management a view of the key performance indicators.

You can create a new project yourself and choose whether it is a customer project or an internal project. Various optional information is available such as visibility in the resource portal, director, project manager and comment on this project.

You have access to the resource planning which allows you to obtain all the necessary information on each person (client project, internal project, holidays, training and timesheets with the precision of whether each of them is confirmed or not). The project schedule provides an overview of the projects over time. These two schedules are in Gantt format for better visibility.

In this module, you have the option "resource search" which allows you to search for a person with dates in order to find the available person. Other options are available to refine the search such as by skills (functional, linguistic and sectoral), by clients, by professions, by teams or by groups.

Finally, as in each module, statistics can be found here, including the staffing rate and downloadable resources. The parameters allow you to define project categories and funnel status.