Upgrade the Recruiting for your consulting firm

Recruting software for consulting firm.

Channel offers and applications into a single portal. This module allows you to schedule interviews and welcome candidates, collect recruiters' assessments and candidates' feedback. In the application screening, the applications received are listed according to the position applied for, the candidate's identity (with cover letter and CV if uploaded), their qualifications, the source of the application, who is responsible for managing the application (adding comments and the possibility of positioning yourself on the management of the application according to the position held) and finally the decision to be made following the application (to reject with confirmation, to contact again and when or to meet). When you choose " to meet ", you start the recruitment process.

You have the possibility to create a new candidate manually.

In the recruitment process section, you will have an overview of the steps of the recruitment process on all candidates. There are six categories: first round, second round, third round interview, offer made and therefore waiting for the candidate's response, offer accepted and offer rejected. For more information, you can click directly on the candidate's name to access his or her recruitment file (place of recruitment, number of missing assessments, the target position, whether there is an interview without a slot). Different filters are present on the page in order to better list the candidates according to your wishes and your own processes. Different views are available such as the "decision to be mad" mode, that is to say to be decided, to be planned, the interviews already planned, to be evaluated, the offer made and the offer accepted. The last view is a more synthetic table with the option of priorities and availability of the candidate.

The Recruitment module contains of course the daily, weekly and monthly calendar which groups all recruitment interviews according to the desired time slot. You can create a time slot or import it from

You can create your job offers and manage them with a single click.

The applicant database contains all applicants regardless of the process decision.

Statistics in the Recruitment module are also available by year, country, office and even team. The statistics are divided into four categories: by candidates (such as the distribution of completed processes by stage), by recruitment (such as the average duration of processes that resulted in an offer), where their application came from and the ranking by recruiters with the number of interviews, candidates in each round. You can have a global view by month.

Each module can be configured according to your wishes: if you want to give access to information to certain people, manage the parameters per office, create email templates or create evaluations.